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Remote control, are you using the battery?

Time:2019-06-21 14:41:22

Originate:Product Release

After the Qingming holiday, the temperature in the southern region began to warm up, and many summer exclusive products will start to come in handy. For example, when you are ready to turn on the air conditioner to cool down, you will find that the remote control that has been placed for a winter has long been lost, so you Start to violently press, toss, and blame your remote control in various postures. In fact, many times it is your improper use, which led to this war.
As the saying goes: "Shoes are not suitable, only the feet know." Even a small remote control should wear the appropriate "shoes" to run fast.
So today, Xiaobian will talk to you about the correct selection of the remote control battery.
Isn't it the remote control, so easy ~ What is the good understanding of the small battery?
Most people in the purchase and use will have wrong behavior, many people are the most expensive is the best misunderstanding, in fact, only the right is the best, obviously a small current electrical appliances but have to buy a large current alkali The battery, I think it takes a long time to use it, and I obviously need a high-current battery but buy a small-current carbon battery...
So what is a small current consumer?
However, when the working current is less than 100 mAh, such as remote control, quartz clock, calculator, therefore, in the selection of the battery, do not have the preconceived concept of selecting only "high-power high-current battery", because these electrical circuits often There is a pulse line. If the battery discharge current is too large, it may burn out the circuit and damage the appliance.
Therefore, when selecting a battery for the remote control, you should select a low-power, low-current battery.
Of course, at this moment, three rounds of carbon shell batteries are your best choice...
Brand guarantee, reliable quality and excellent service
3-circles carbon shell battery
Safe, stable and long lasting

Suitable for electric toys, MP3, MP4, electric shavers, remote control, alarm clock, tape recorder, gas water heater, etc.
Features and advantages
1. Super leak-proof performance: The leak-proof wall structure is adopted to completely prevent leakage.
2. Super-discharge capacity: The most advanced external sealing structure, which expands the capacity space and makes the power more.
3. Unique safety explosion-proof: metal casing and special sealing structure can avoid the explosion inside the battery when the pressure is too large.
4. Super storage: International high standard special sealant to ensure good storage.

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